If you have been involved with people that are narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, or abusive; then you are in the right place. Perhaps, you have difficulty moving beyond your past experiences of gaslighting, ghosting, being mistreated, hurt, abandoned, putting others’ needs ahead of your own, and rejection in your relationships. You may question whether you will ever be able to find love.

In my therapy practice, I specialize in providing culturally sensitive therapy services to professional women who are struggling to heal from narcissistic abuse and other painful relationship experiences.  By working with me, we work together to help you overcome your relationship trauma to create the healthy, loving relationships that they deserve.

Due to COVID-19, counseling services are offered virtually!

My mission is “helping women turn painful experiences of narcissistic abuse into healing nuggets.”

Natalie Jones, PsyD, LPCC®

Be sure to check out my podcast for additional tips on healing from narcissistic abuse.

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