Dr. Jones specializes in using The The B.O.N.D. METHOD℠ of leadership training which equips leaders and corporate executives to guide employees with empathy and create environments that transform their work teams into secure, confident, high performing all stars. Use of the The B.O.N.D. METHOD℠ fosters a resilient and thriving work atmosphere.

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People don’t leave companies, people leave managers.

There’s a saying, “people don’t leave companies, people leave managers.” Over the past 2 years, the corporate world has undergone major changes due to COVID19. The pandemic placed a lot of companies in unique circumstances. People had to social distance and deal with the fear of catching a life-threatening from co-workers, friends, and loved ones are just some of the challenges. These challenges were in addition to the day to day to challenges that people face.

Being a leader at a corporation, you see your employees go through challenges, as well as how this shows up in the work environment. Helping an employee/colleague manage on the job-stress is one part of a leader’s job. Therefore, it’s important for a leader to be empathetic.

Having a leader that is compassionate has a ripple effect.

A leader who expressions compassion and support can change the work environment and help employees to thrive. Here are some benefits of having an empathetic leader:

  • Employees feel supported, heard, and seen by their managers
  • Reduction of negativity in the workplace
  • Less turnover, which reduces employer spending significantly on hiring new employees
  • More productivity
  • More solution-focused interventions that address both needs of employee/employer
  • Reduced burnout
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Better work boundaries

Contact Dr. Jones to learn more about how the The B.O.N.D. METHOD℠ of Leadership Training can help your corporation.

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