The holiday aftermath: Understanding why you overspent, stressed over, and became semi-crazy, to spend time with your narcissistic family; and how you can recover.

Do you dread going home to visit your family during the holidays? Do you put yourself through stress and financial debt just to be around people that get under your skin? Here are some of the reasons why you put yourself through this torture every year.

10 Tips to Follow When Your Partner Gives You a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Did you just find out that your partner was cheating on you in the worst possible way? Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to manage all of your mixed emotions and determining what your next step should be? Here are some tips that can help you with this difficult time.


Celebrating Mother’s Day…. Without a Mom

Is this is a difficult time of the year for you because your mother isn’t here? Or maybe, you have a mother that gave birth to you, but isn’t emotionally involved in your life. Here are some tips that can help you get through this holiday this year, and the following years to come.

When your partner refuses to get a job

Do you have a partner, who refuses to go to work, despite the countless arguments you have about money? Do you feel that your partner is being selfish, and not taking your needs into consideration? Do you still feel manipulated by your partner and continue to empathize with their needs more than your own which keeps the dysfunctional cycle of your relationship going? Here are some tips that you can follow when your partner, refuses to put the needs of the relationship first or get a job.


Weathering the Storm of Infidelity in Your Relationship

Did you just find out that your partner cheated on you? Have trouble deciding what the next move should be or how you should handle the stressful situation? Here are some tips to help you navigate through this stressful situation

Coping with Holiday Depression

Do you struggle with having the blues during the holidays? Don’t fret because you are not alone. Here are some tips to help you understand why you struggle, and to help you overcome the holiday blues!

Anxiety and Impulsiveness

Do you feel like you struggle with being anxious? Here is a blog in which I offer general tips to manage your anxiety!

Considering therapy? Why wait?

If you are considering therapy, what’s holding you back from making the plunge? What are your fears? I share with you my process of going to therapy – and how I was the anxious mule who would not speak at all because I was so scared. But now I look at it this way, if you work and eat right to have a healthy body, why not do the same for your mind?

How to Preserve the Quality of Your Relationship or Marriage

Relationships take hard work. Here are some tips to keep your relationships healthy and happy, and minimize interference from outside forces.

Finding and Selecting Your Ideal Therapist

If you are thinking about therapy there are some things that you should consider before selecting a therapist. Check out my tips on how to select someone who is right for you!