Clinical Consultation for Licensed Clinicians

I am currently offering individual and group consultations for licensed clinicians including PsyD, PhD, LPCC, LCSW, and LMFTs. Consultation for licensed clinicians can be challenging to come by, whether you are looking for support on clinical cases, have questions about a diagnosis or a form of treatment, ethics, or you have questions about cultural sensitivity. It’s not uncommon for clinicians to feel alone or unsupported when working with clients. Whether you are looking to consult on one case or looking for ongoing support with a group of licensed clinicians, I can support your needs at Lifetime Counseling and Consulting ®.

Individual consultation is a 45-minute consultation over the phone or Zoom. Cost for individual consultation is $275 per meeting.

Group Consultation

Group consultation is a 90-minute discussion using the Caplan method® of consultation, and groups meet once per week. Clinicians are allowed to present their consultation questions and should be prepared to support other clinicians with their questions.

Consultations provide clinicians with support on:

  1. Treatment methodology
  2. Workplace stress or challenges
  3. Supervisor challenges
  4. Mandated reporting
  5. Ethical issues
  6. Diagnostics
  7. Support with complicated cases
  8. Working with complex diagnosis
  9. Transference and countertransference
  10. Cultural sensitivity and awareness
  11. Navigating additional support for clients
  12. Documentation

There is so much value in being involved in professional consultation.
Working with clients can present unique challenges.

You deserve to have the opportunity to receive support.
The price for group consultation is $320 for the month.

If you are interested in getting clinical support, fill out the form below: