Daughters of Difficult Mothers
Are you a woman who has a challenging relationship with her mother? Perhaps you are a woman who has tried as hard as you can to maintain a civil relationship with your mother because you have been told countless times that “you only get one mother.” Perhaps your relationship with your mother is riddled with conflict or you don’t feel respected; so, you just go through the motions to maintain contact with your mother even if though you don’t want to. Introducing a 16-session bimonthly group for women who have difficult relationships with their mothers.
support group for women
This group is for you if your mother:
Is a narcissist
is abusive
Doesn’t respect your boundaries
Struggles with mental illness
Is in constant conflict with you
Is competitive with you
Is constantly disrespectful towards you or puts you down
Is manipulative

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to heal from your relationship with your mother, connect with women who are supportive and in similar situations, and want to create more nurturing relationships for yourself, then this is the group for you. In addition, to support from peers and a therapist, this group will help you learn to understand the impact of the mother wound, set better boundaries, learn effective communication, deal with manipulation, and learn how to create healthier relationships. If you are interested in joining this group, click on the button below to set up a consultation.

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A group coaching membership is coming up!
If you are interested in joining this group and being in the know when it is launched, click here and fill out the form.
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