Dr. Natalie Jones has done a variety of previous media and speaking engagements including national television, master classes, presentations, webinars, seminars, conferences, podcasts, and wellness events. Dr. Jones loves public speaking on many different platforms on her expertise in forensics, personality disorders, African American mental health, and narcissistic abuse. Below are list of some of the media that Dr. Jones has been featured in as well as presentations.

Master classes that Dr. Jones has been featured in include: The Yellow Couch Collective by Therapy for Black GirlsBaby’s First Year Conference, and Tools to Date Smarter with Dr. Vanessa Abernathy, PsyD.

Seminar/conference presentations that Dr. Jones has done include presentations on mental wellness at EAP or employee wellness fairs, Understanding Narcissism presented at UC Berkeley, online conferences for TogetherWell and Baby’s First Year, and presentations for Understanding Personality Disorders in the Correctional System for John F. Kennedy University.


Podcasts Featuring Dr. Natalie Jones, PsyD, LPCC

Melissa Fredericks

What is Narcissistic Behavior? Pt 1 - with Melissa Fredericks

Today I sit down with Dr. Natalie Jones to discuss Narcissistic behavior in romantic and familial relationships.

Sexist Microaggressions that women face

Common emotional responses of a victim of sexist microagressions. Emotional responses of a person who is in charge of the situation. Changes that may occur in the family. Common mistakes when trying to help. Daily habits that helps with the emotional success.

Mind Your Business

in this episode Dr. Natalie Jones, will bring you the emotional lift you need. She will try to help you break the chain of attracting the same toxic people.

The Grapevine | What is Narcissism?

The panel comes together to discuss the impact of narcissism on a societal and personal level. Are we becoming more apathetic?

My husband says he’s not attracted to me anymore

When your narcissistic husband devalues you and you find yourself asking, “My husband says he’s not attracted to me anymore – why?” it’s time to surround yourself with support, learn more about narcissistic abuse, and seek safety. Dr. Natalie Jones is diving into this topic with Anne on the BTR.ORG Podcast

What is Narcissistic Behavior? Pt 2 - with Melissa Fredericks

Today I sit down with Dr. Natalie Jones to continue my conversation about Narcissistic behavior in romantic and familial relationships.


Abuse, Therapy, and How to Get Help

Dr. Natalie Jones tells her compelling account of abuse and shares her incredible work with both victims and abusers.

Family Matters

The Cool Auntie chats with Dr. Natalie Jones to discuss the effects that psychological abuse and childhood trauma have on our ability to cultivate healthy relationships.

How Toxic

In this episode Dr. Natalie Jones discusses what it means to be toxic, what fear based dating is and why we do it, why we overlook red-flags in romantic relationships and friendships, what defines unhealthy behaviors in relationships, narcissistic traits to look for in others and ourselves, and how to overcome all of it.

Sadie's Divorced and Happy

Healing conversation between Dr. Jones and Sadie that will help you understand why your Ex is still in your head. They also give healthy distractions to let him/her go and let real love in.

Narcissism - Identifying it, Breaking the Cycle of Narcisstic Relationships, & Getting Healthy

Dr. Natalie Jones talks about counseling women of color with narcissistic mothers. She identifies what narcissism means, how to detect if that's what we lived (or live) with, and how to break the cycle.

Love yourself

Ways to Love Yourself More

Dr. Natalie Jones talks about helping clients who are dealing with the side effects of growing up in an emotionally abusive family.

What’s It Like Being with a Narcissist Partner

Dr. Jones talks about how to understand better narcissistic people, what commonalities we all have, and what to look for in relationships.

A Deep Dive on Narcissism

In this Episode Dr. Jones explains the true definition of narcissism and someone with narcissistic personality disorder. She also helps the host answer the question “Was this person a narcissist or a jerk?”

Being A Black Woman With Borderline Personality Disorder.

A psychologist testified Amber Heard had borderline personality disorder during the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

Don’t Stop Growing With Dr. Natalie Jones

Dr. Natalie Jones talks about the limiting beliefs she’s worked through and how she’s established herself as an expert in her field.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Dating a Narcissist

Licensed professional Dr. Natalie Jones, joins IHU to talk about narcissistic personality disorder and the warning signs, next steps, coping mechanisms for someone who might be dating someone with NPD.


The Truth about Narcissism

Dr. Jones discusses why narcissism is much more than just being selfish, the criteria someone would have to meet to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and ways to take care of yourself if there is someone with narcissism in your life.

Narcissistic Abuse and Healing With Dr. Natalie Jones

Healing from narcissistic abuse is hard. Dr. Natalie Jones will be discussing about healing and narcissistic abuse in this "Unfilteredd" podcast episode.

Vacations are critical to long-term success, doctor says

in the third episode of "Why Are We All So Tired," Jones said that just like the oil change you've been avoiding, some time away from the office is critical to maintaining your long-term performance and productivity.


Narcissism and the Highly Sensitive Person

What is narcissism? What does it look like in relationships (romantic and parental). Gaslighting—what is it? The connection between narcissists and HSPs (partners and parents).

Narcissism & African American World

Dr. Natalie Jones discusses her work in the areas of narcissism, narcissistic abuse, African American Mental Health, prison/corrections, mental health for women.

Why Do I Stay? How Narcissistic Abuse Creates Cycles That Are Hard To Escape

Dr. Jones talks about the role of narcissistic abuse in the toxic cycles that you see in your life and how to begin to break free from these negative patterns to live the life that you desire.

The Codependence Hat

Dr. Natalie Jones explains the warning signs of a codependent relationship and provides tips for helping yourself or others get out of one.



‘Ghosting’, ‘Orbiting’, ‘Rizz’:
A Guide to Modern Dating Terms.

Featured in New York Times



The Psychology of Coercive Control

- ICCC Conference -

How to Effectively Have Healthy Boundaries with Your Empathy as a Mental Health Professional

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Presentation on Professional Development

- California School of Professional Psychology -

Graduation Keynote Speaker for Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022

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