Group Therapy

Group therapy is currently offered at Lifetime Counseling and Consulting.  The group is virtual, and applicants are prescreened for all groups. The prescreening for each group member is approximately 1 hour and the cost is $275. The prescreening must be completed for entry into the group and does not guarantee that you will be accepted. Ideal members for the group must meet the minimum qualifications: 1) have had their own counseling and are currently in counseling, 2) be able to offer and receive emotional support, 3) be able to commit to the 12 sessions of the 1.5 hour bimonthly group, 4) abide by the group rules, and 5) be able to listen to other members stories of dealing and healing from narcissistic. Insurance is not accepted for the psychotherapy group and sliding scale is not provided.

Relationship Trauma Group for Women



Healing From Narcissistic Abuse – Women’s Recovery Group

This group is a 12 session biweekly guided support group for women who are in the process of healing from unhealthy and abusive relationships with intimate partners or spouses, children, parents, and co-workers.

Narcissistic abuse can impact you in a number of ways, causing relationship trauma. This supportive group of women helps to address the trauma of narcissistic abuse by defining relationship trauma, understanding how your experiences have impacted you, providing information on the abuse experiences, clarifying ways to establish boundaries, and addressing the ways in which you have been hurt.


The group is a small intimate closed group which consists of 4-7 women. The group does have a curriculum, and also allows for sharing of personal stories and experiences. The women range in diversity of ages, race, sexuality, and types of narcissistic abuse experienced. Each member is screened and assessed prior to the group to ensure that they are a good candidate for the group. Ideal candidates must have had their own individual therapy prior to the group, or are currently in individual therapy.


Benefits of the group include:

Warm supportive environment of women who share similar experiences

Understanding how your experiences of abuse has impacted you

Understanding how your relationship fantasies and pattern have kept you stuck

Learning healthy communication skills

Discussion around your triggers and pain in relationships

Learning how to establish better boundaries

Additional resources to help you with your healing.


To request a 15 minute consultation to find out more about the group offered, please use the contact form.

Cost per session $150