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Welcome to A Date With Darkness Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to those who have been hurt by love and abuse, through their relationships with narcissistic people. The purpose of the podcast is to deepen the understanding of hurtful and traumatic relationships which have been a source of unspoken pain and trauma. In the episodes, I will be chatting with various experts in various fields to provide education, tips, resources, and information for those who are survivors of abusive relationships. I will combine my expertise of forensics, domestic violence, and work in various mental health fields to have an intimate discussion with you about abusive relationships, characteristics of dangerous and manipulative people, how to move beyond the victim role, learn to love and heal from the wounds of toxic relationships. If you have a question about the podcast or you want to get in touch with me directly, please feel free to email me at Thank you so much for listening!



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50. How Describing Black Girls “Fast” and “Grown” Does More Harm Than Good: Featuring Jaynay Johnson LMFT

Jaynay Johnson, LMFT owner of Teen Talk Therapy joins us on the couch to discuss her passion for working with teenage girls of color. Jaynay discusses the importance of spending quality time with teenage girls and discussing relationships and feelings that young girls can experience while dating. More importantly, Jaynay educates on why calling young black girls “fast” and “grown” for having intimate feelings towards someone does more harm than good

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49. How to Start Dating Again After Leaving a Toxic Relationship: Featuring Marquita Johnson, LPC

A Date With Darkness Podcast is hosted by Dr. Natalie Jones, Psyd., LPCC, a licensed psychotherapist in California. Join Dr. Jones for an intimate discussion about the effects of abuse dynamics and healing from relationship trauma.

Marquita Johnson, LPC and owner of Millennial Dating Coach joins us on the couch today to discuss how we can get ourselves back into the dating pool after leaving an emotionally unhealthy relationship. Marquita discusses manifesting, and how the energy you put out into the universe will draw in a partner. She gives us the breakdown on dating sites and apps that she finds useful. Marquita also gives her advice on things we can do to screen out manipulative and untrustworthy partner potentials while dating.

Websites recommended:



Clover app


To contact Marquita Johnson, LPC visit: Millennial Dating Coach


48. Understanding the Impact of Codependency in Relationships: Featuring Sharon Martin, LCSW

Sharon Martin, LCSW and I have a much needed chat on codependency. Ms. Martin, spends a lot of time writing about and discussing codependency and offers a refreshing perspective on why codependency teaches us valuable lessons.


Codependency No More by Melody Beattie

Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Dr. Kristen Neff

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook, by Dr. Kristen Neff

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism, by Sharon Martin, LCSW


Happily Imperfect, by Sharon Martin LCSW

To contact Sharon Martin, LCSW, please visit: Sharon Martin, LCSW

or Live Well With Sharon Martin


47. Making Self-Love and Self-Validation a Priority For Yourself: Featuring Ms. Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC

Today’s episode features Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC who is the owner of Vida Therapy in California. I had a lot of fun talking with her about how we can and should love and validate ourselves before entering any relationships. Ms. Lopez provides excellent tips and suggestions on small ways we can regularly show ourselves love! She elaborates on why loving on yourself is essential and vital to your mental health.

Resources :


To Contact Ms. Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC please visit:


46. Narcissism in Black Gay Men: Featuring Dr. Jonathan M. Lassiter, PhD.

Dr. Jonathan Lassiter, PhD., who is a scholarly author, professor, and private practice owner joins us today on the couch. Dr. Lassiter, discusses the evolution and causes of narcissism in gay black men. He also offers an engaging dialogue on how society can help address some of the struggles in the black same sex same gender loving community.


Black LGBT Health In the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation; edited by Dr. Lassiter, PhD and various others

Black Brothers Esteem: An ongoing support group in San Francisco Bay Area that provides mental and sexual health services specifically for African American same-gender-loving (SGL) men.


National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network: A therapist directory and resource guide for LGBT people of color.


His Health: An online directory of sexual health programs across the country that specialize in Black SGL men’s health. This site also provides CEUs for providers who work with Black LGBT patients. CEU topics range from PrEP to Transgender Health.

Websites: AND

Henry Health: An app in beta-testing that will provide tele-therapy specifically for Black men to address their emotional and physical health. Website:

The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships: An African-centered book that applies Afrocentric values to intimate relationships as well as discusses the esteemed place of same-sex attracted African and African-diasporic people in relationships and communities. Website: – reader_0688175791

To connect with Dr. Lassiter, please visit:

Personal Website:

Twitter: @matjl

Instagram: @jmlassiterphd



45. Dangerous In Love Series: Ghosting

This is the 3rd episode of the Dangerous In Love Series, and in this episode I discuss the phenomenon of ghosting – or when things in your relationship come to an abrupt halt for no rhyme or reason and your partner is MIA. What happened? In this episode, I discuss ghosting, why it occurs, and why you should immediately move on past the relationship when you experience it. This episode was also originally recorded as an Instagram and Facebook live video on the podcast page!


44. Dangerous In Love Series: Gaslighting

This is the 2nd episode of the Dangerous In Love Series, and in this episode I discuss gaslighting. The explanation and origin of gaslighting is explored as well as tactics used, and also discussion about how to recover from gaslighting. This episode was also originally recorded as an Instagram and Facebook live video on the podcast page!


43. Dangerous In Love Series: Manipulation Tactics of Narcissists

A Date With Darkness Podcast is hosted by Dr. Natalie Jones, Psyd., LPCC, a licensed psychotherapist in Oakland and Sacramento CA. Join Dr. Jones for an intimate discussion about the effects of abuse dynamics and healing from relationship trauma.

This episode is the first in my Dangerous In Love Series, where I discuss manipulation tactics that narcissists use to maintain control in abusive relationships. In this episode, I give a broad over view of common abusive tactics used by narcissists. The episode is also unique in that it was featured first on Facebook and Instagram live!


42. The Dark Side of the Female Orgasm: Featuring Dr. Laurie Mintz, PhD.

Dr. Laurie Mintz, LP who is in private practice, a professor for the University of Florida, author of Becoming Cliterate & A Tired Woman’s Guide To Passionate Sex joins us on the couch today to discuss the importance and the stigma around a women’s sexual pleasure. Dr. Laurie breaks down why a woman’s sexual satisfaction is often overlooked, and what we as women can do to address misogynistic views around female sexuality. Lastly, Dr. Laurie discusses the red flags in a relationship when a partner is not concerned with your sexual satisfaction – and why you should run as fast as you can if this happens to you!

Resources Mentioned:


Becoming Cliterate, by Dr. Laurie Mintz

A Tired Woman’s Guide To Passionate Sex, By Dr. Laurie Mintzby Dr. Laurie Mintz

Contact Dr. Laurie Mintz, PhD. at:


41. How The Power of Non-Sexual Touch Can Help Manage Our Emotions, Featuring Shayla Tumbling, LPC-A

Shayla Tumbling, MS, LPC-A and I discuss how non-platonic touch can help with regulating your emotions and mood. She discusses her experience as a professional cuddler and how she teach people how to touch her and themselves in a non-sexual manner. We explore how platonic touch aides in helping us have healthier relationships.

Resources Mentioned:

Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch, by Epiphany Miriam Jordan

Patterns of Attachment, By Mary Ainsworth 

Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affectiion

Contact Ms. Shayla Tumbling MS, LPC-A at:


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