Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Group for Women
Are you currently in the process of healing from narcissistic abuse from a parent, lover, work relationship, or friendship? Are you looking to join like-minded women who you can support and who can support you on your healing journey? I have created the perfect solution for you!   An online virtual healing circle has been designed for the modern professional woman! The narcissistic abuse recovery group for women at Lifetime Counseling and Consulting® is a 16-session bi-monthly support group for women. In this small intimate group, healing collectively with women who can relate to you is a priority.
support group for women
You need this group if you want to:
Connect with other women who share similar experiences
Gain a better understanding of narcissistic abuse and how it has impacted you
Learn communication and boundary skills
Learn how to recognize red flags
Heal and move on
Learn to block future gaslighting
Recognize unhealthy patterns in relationships
Learn to build and create healthy relationships
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Previous testimonials:
narcissistic abuse recovery group Testimonial
narcissistic abuse recovery group Testimonial
narcissistic abuse recovery group Testimonial
A group coaching membership is coming up!
If you are interested in joining this group and being in the know when it is launched, click here and fill out the form.
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