The Corporate Therapist

The Corporate Therapist

The Corporate Therapist is a consulting firm that specializes in helping corporations reduce workplace incivility, eliminating toxic work cultures and hostile work environments, and preventing unnecessary legal actions with employees. Educational, consulting, and training services are designed address and eliminate abusive and toxic workplace culture and dynamics.  We work to help corporations and leadership effectively resolve conflicts, learn and manage healthy boundaries and effective communication, and address issues with recruitment and retention.

The Corporate Therapist strives to help each organization become  the best version of itself by planning for greatness, identifying and addressing the problem areas, implementing strategies for growth and change, embracing the transformational process, and, creating long-term success plans for the future.

We have worked with several organizations and institutions including, but not limited to law firms, correctional institutions, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, colleges technical organizations, and human resources departments.  A top-down approach is implemented to work with leadership, human resources, and staff within in the organization.

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Our Mission:

There’s a saying, “people don’t leave companies, people leave managers.” Over the past 2 years, the corporate world has undergone major changes. The additional stress from the pandemic, inflation, and life-circumstances created a breeding ground for higher conflict and negative attitudes in the workplace. 

Being a leader at a corporation, you see your employees go through challenges, as well as how this shows up in the work environment. Helping an employee/colleague manage on the job-stress is one part of a leader’s job. Therefore, it’s important for a leader to be empathetic and be able to effectively resolve conflict within the organization.

Conflicts have the potential to snowball, create havoc and negativity on the workplace environments, compromise productivity, or even worse – create expensive lawsuits. Toxic work cultures cost companies billions of dollars every year because of high turnover and low recruitment and legal disputes. 

The Corporate Therapist was designed to help corporations reduce conflict, save money, help your organization avoid legal conflicts, and keep great employees and leaders on board. We strive to help organizations maintain healthy workplace dynamics by problem-solving and coming up with long-term solutions to sustain your business.

Services offered:

  • Workshops and trainings
  • Executive coaching
  • Healing circles
  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Wellness retreats
  • Insight driven strategic approaches in dealing with challenging situations
  • Surveys
  • Developing approaches to working with certain personalities and dynamics
  • Providing education, insight, and training on working with people who have mental illness or personality disorders
  • Crisis de-escalation and conflict reduction training
  • 360 assessments
  • Conflict resolution with leadership and employees

Contact Dr. Jones to learn more about how the The Corporate Therapist can help your corporation.

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